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A Global Architecture and Design Collaborative Studio

We serve Real Estate Investors, Developers, Architects and Builders


About C-Studio

C-Studio was founded in 2008 as a virtual collaborative studio with design collaborators positioned in key cities throughout the Americas. Principals Roberto Espejo and Gregorio Vasquez first met at the prestigious firm of Cesar Pelli & Associates and from there began to build a network of architects and designers first from New Haven then to Miami, all the way to Santiago Chile, where they each manage C-Studio. As experts in design coordination and communication using the virtual format, they have been able to produce over 5,000,000 square feet of built works from concept design thru construction, ranging in scale and building types. Experienced in collaborating with a wide range of investors, developers, architects and builders, C-Studio has served as the key project coordinating arm that links these entities together in order to develop a high level of design and deliver lasting buildings. From cabins to vineyards to towers, during its almost 15 year tenure, C-Studio has been given the opportunity to develop a great sense of scale and appropriateness to each project’s unique setting. C-Studio collaborators live by the words of Yucatan, Mexican poet, Gregorio Marañon: “Vivir no es solo existir, si no existir y crear, saber gozar y sufrir y no dormir sin soñar.  Descansar es empezar a morir".


Mark Hesselgrave Architect
New Haven, CT

Sophie Harvey Design
Aspen, CO


RDLP Arquitectos
Monterrey, MX

Desarrolladora Or-B
Mexico City, MX


Gustavo Carmona Arquitecto
Merida Yucatán, MX

Eduardo Quintero Architects
Panama City, Panama

Desarrolladoras Centenario
Lima, Peru


Jose Luis Cabello Arquitectos
Buenos Aires, Argentina


Herman Rosenthal Arquitecto
Santiago, Chile

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